Solar System – Mercury

Have you ever wondered about our Solar system? Each part of it is fascinating in its own right. Today let’s talk about the closest plane to the sun Mercury which is named after the Roman god Mercury, who was the messenger of the gods.

Mercury is the smallest planet in our solar system, and it is also the closest planet to the sun. Because it is so close to the sun, it is very hot on Mercury – the temperature can reach up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit during the day!

Mercury has a rocky, cratered surface that looks a bit like the moon. It doesn’t have any moons of its own, and it only takes about 88 Earth days for Mercury to orbit around the sun. That means that one year on Mercury is only 88 days long!

Even though it’s the closest planet to the sun, Mercury isn’t actually the hottest planet in our solar system – that title goes to Venus.

Scientists have sent spacecraft to study Mercury up close. In 2011, NASA’s Messenger spacecraft orbited around Mercury for four years and sent back lots of data and pictures.

In the future, scientists hope to learn even more about Mercury by sending more spacecraft to study it. Mercury is a fascinating planet, and there is still so much to discover about it!

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