Hey guys, Caroline the Line here! Have you ever seen a bright light in the sky that was followed by a big boom? That’s lightning! Lightning is an amazing and powerful thing that happens when there is a lot of electricity in the air.

Lightning happens during thunderstorms when there is a difference in the electrical charge between the ground and the sky. The ground is negatively charged, and the sky is positively charged. When the difference in charge gets really big, it makes a spark of electricity. This spark is what we see as lightning!

Lightning is really hot – as hot as 30,000 degrees Celsius! That’s even hotter than the surface of the sun. When lightning happens, it makes the air around it heat up really fast. This makes the air expand quickly, which creates a loud sound that we call thunder.

Lightning can be dangerous, so it’s important to be careful during a thunderstorm. If you are outside, try to stay away from tall things like trees and metal things like fences. If you are inside, stay away from windows and doors, and don’t use electrical things until the storm is over.

Even though lightning can be dangerous, it’s also really amazing to see. It’s like a show in the sky, with bright lights and loud booms. It reminds us of how powerful nature can be, and it’s always exciting to watch.

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