Merry Christmas from all of us at ShapeShire!!

Hello children of Shape Shire! It’s your mayor here, and I just wanted to say Merry Christmas to all of you!

I know that this time of year is all about fun and family, and I hope that you get to have lots of both. But as you enjoy the holiday season, don’t forget about one of my favorite things: geometry!

Did you know that there are lots of geometric shapes all around us during Christmas? When we decorate the tree, we use all sorts of circles, squares, and triangles to create beautiful ornaments. And when we wrap presents, we often use geometric shapes like squares and rectangles to make neat and tidy packages.

Geometry is even a part of the treats that we eat during the holidays. Have you ever baked cookies or made gingerbread houses? These treats use all sorts of geometric shapes to create delicious and festive treats.

So as you can see, geometry is a big part of Christmas. And who knows, maybe it will even inspire you to try your hand at some festive geometry-themed crafts of your own!

We’ve put together a little activity for you, especially for Christmas – you can find it below. Have fun with it!

Merry Christmas, and happy geometrizing!

The Mayor of Shape Shire

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