Happy new year from all of us at ShapeShire!

To all authors, readers, book lovers, parents, and most especially children – happy new year!!!

May the new year be full of imagination and adventures!!!

We’ve put together a little activity for you, especially for Christmas and the new year – you can find it below. Have fun with it!

Happy new year and Merry Christmas, and happy geometrizing!

The Mayor of Shape Shire

P.S. We hope you get to spend some time with your loved ones and in the mean time please help yourself to some of our free activity sheets to help you pass the time together:

  • Scott the Dot Hatches a Plot activity sheet 03

    Scott the Dot Hatches a Plot Activity Sheets

  • Claire the Very Shy Square activity sheet 06

    Claire, the Very Shy Square Activity Sheets

  • ShapeShire banner

    ShapeShire Needs a Flag – We Need Your Help!

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