Dragon Blood Tree

Hey guys, Urkle the Circle here! I was just reading about the Dragon Blood Tree – a very special plant that grows on an island called Socotra, which is part of Yemen!

ShapeShire Scholar-DragonBloodTree

The Dragon Blood Tree gets its name because of the red sap that it produces. People used to believe that the sap came from the blood of dragons that lived on the island a long time ago. Although we know that’s not true, the sap is still very interesting and has some special uses.

The Dragon Blood Tree is a very unusual looking plant. It has a thick trunk that branches out into many different shapes, almost like an umbrella. The leaves are small and grow in clusters at the end of the branches. The tree can grow up to 10 meters tall, which is about the height of a two-story house!

The sap that the Dragon Blood Tree produces is a bright red color, almost like blood. People on Socotra have been using the sap for many years for different purposes. They believe that it has healing properties and can be used to treat many different kinds of illnesses. They also use it to make a kind of varnish that they put on their wooden boats to keep them from getting damaged by the salty sea water.

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