Days of the week: Tuesday

Have you ever wondered why the days of the week have the names they do? Each day of the week is named after a different god or goddess from ancient mythology or religion. Today let’s talk about Tuesday!

Tuesday is the third day of the week, and it is named after the planet Mars, which was considered a god of war in ancient Roman mythology. The Romans named the day of the week “Dies Martis,” which means “day of Mars.”

In Old English, the word for Tuesday was “Tiwesdæg,” which also meant “day of Tiw,” the Anglo-Saxon god of war. Tiw was a powerful god who was associated with victory in battle and justice. In Norse mythology, Tiw was known as Tyr, and he was also a god of war and justice.

Today, Tuesday is a day that many people associate with hard work and productivity. It can be a busy day filled with meetings, deadlines, and other responsibilities. However, it is also a day that can be full of energy and excitement, as people work towards their goals and strive to achieve success. So, the next time you hear the word “Tuesday,” remember that it is named after a powerful god of war and justice!

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