Hey guys, Claire the Square here! I was just reading about Vikings. Have you ever heard of the Vikings? They were a group of adventurous warriors who lived a long time ago in what is now Scandinavia.

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The Vikings were very good at sailing and exploring. They lived in what is now Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. They traveled all over the world in their ships, including to places like North America and Russia. The Vikings were also famous for their fierce raids on other countries. They would attack and take over villages and towns, sometimes even as far away as England and France.

The Vikings are also famous for their mythology and stories. They had many gods and goddesses, like Odin and Thor, and they told stories about their adventures and battles. Some of these stories have become very famous, like the story of Beowulf.

The Vikings wore clothing made from natural materials like wool, linen, and leather. They often wore tunics and pants, and they also had special clothes for fighting and sailing. The Vikings were also known for their helmets, which had horns or wings. However, most Viking helmets did not actually have horns or wings – this is just a myth!

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