Hey guys, Urkle the Circle here! I wanted to talk to you about Japan – a beautiful island country located in East Asia. Japan’s flag is my favorite flag with a perfect circle in it!

One thing that Japan is known for is its food. Have you ever eaten sushi? Sushi is a traditional Japanese dish that’s made with rice, vinegar, and fish. It’s really tasty!

Japan is also known for its beautiful gardens. Japanese gardens are carefully designed to be peaceful and serene. They often have ponds, bridges, and lots of greenery.

Japan has a really interesting history too. A long time ago, Japan was ruled by samurai warriors. Samurai were skilled fighters who followed a strict code of honor. They wore armor and carried swords, and they were very respected in Japanese society.

Japanese people love to celebrate! They have festivals for all sorts of things, like the cherry blossom season, which is when the cherry trees bloom in the spring. They also have festivals for different seasons, like the summer festival and the winter festival.

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