Hey guys, Urkle the Circle here! I was just reading Scott’s postcard from Vatnajökull Glacier so I thought I’d learn more about Glaciers. Glaciers which are huge masses of ice that form in areas where the temperature is very cold, and thought I’d share what I learned with you!

Glaciers are huge. They can be many kilometers long and hundreds of meters deep. Some of the largest glaciers in the world, such as the Antarctic Ice Sheet, are so big that they cover entire continents! Because of their size, glaciers are often described as “rivers of ice.”

Glaciers are also very important for the environment. They play a key role in regulating the Earth’s climate. They reflect sunlight back into space, which helps to cool the planet. They also act like giant sponges, absorbing water in the winter and releasing it in the summer. This helps to regulate the flow of water in rivers and streams.

Although they are made of ice, glaciers are not static. They are constantly moving, flowing downhill at a very slow pace. This movement is caused by the weight of the ice and the force of gravity. Some glaciers move only a few centimeters per day, while others can move several meters in a year.

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