Days of the week: Saturday

Have you ever wondered why the days of the week have the names they do? Each day of the week is named after a different god or goddess from ancient mythology or religion. Today let’s talk about Saturday!

ShapeShire Scholar-Saturday

Saturday is the seventh and final day of the week, and it is named after the Roman god Saturn, who was associated with agriculture, wealth, and time. In Latin, the word for Saturday was “dies Saturni,” which means “day of Saturn.”

Saturn was a powerful god who was greatly revered by the ancient Romans. He was believed to have taught them agriculture and the art of farming, and he was also associated with wealth and prosperity. According to legend, Saturn ruled over a golden age of peace and abundance, known as the Saturnian age.

Today, Saturday is a day that many people associate with rest and relaxation. It can be a day to sleep in, catch up on hobbies or leisure activities, and spend time with loved ones. However, it is also a day that can be full of productivity and accomplishment, as people use their time to tackle projects and pursue their goals. So, the next time you hear the word “Saturday,” remember that it is named after a powerful god of agriculture, wealth, and time!

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