Hey guys, Caroline the Line here! I was playing outside and suddenly though how great it would be to share my toy with you – the Boomerang!

ShapeShire Scholar-Boomerang

A boomerang is a special kind of toy that you can throw and it will come back to you! It’s a curvy line (like me!) shaped like a “V” and is usually made of wood or plastic.

Boomerangs have been used by people for a very long time, mostly by the Indigenous people of Australia. They used boomerangs for hunting and for playing games. Now, people all over the world use boomerangs for sport and fun!

When you throw a boomerang, you have to do it just right. You have to hold it like a frisbee and throw it with a spinning motion. The special shape of the boomerang makes it come back to you. It’s like magic!

You can also do tricks with a boomerang, like catching it in different ways or making it do loops in the air. It takes practice to get good at throwing and catching a boomerang, but it’s lots of fun!

Next time you’re outside, you might want to try throwing a boomerang. It’s a cool way to play and have fun with friends!

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